PRESS RELEASE: Village Life at the Wyoming Gathering

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Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyo (July 3, 2008) – It’s 7:00 AM as gatherers awake from a night of sleeping under the stars and trees at the Annual Rainbow Gathering of Living Light being held out in the woods near Big Sandy from July 1-7. They depart from their cozy tipis, tents and hammocks and go about their day.

The drum circle is happening, the food smells and tastes terrific and is served with smiling faces. The workshops are informative; anyone wishing to share knowledge and experience is encouraged to hold one. Conversation around the campfire is stimulating and rivals that at any coffee house.

Folks are helping out to get things done. Cars are parked in an orderly fashion and the medical crew helps to keep people healthy. Rainbow volunteers have a both moral and practical work ethic they hope the world will adapt: “If everybody does a little bit, everything gets done.” This is often heard when folks are asked to pitch in to help complete a task. 17 men carry a gigantic log to a designated wood chopping area to be split into firewood. The area is roped off to keep things safe.

The atmosphere in camp is positive, and definitely has a “back to nature” theme. This is why the camp is far removed from the parking lot and this is important to the gatherers to the point where they take painstaking efforts to haul in all of their gear. Many gatherers won’t see any vehicle for a week or more. They feel that this, combined with not walking on any artificial surfaces like concrete for an extended period of time, is very cleansing for the soul. There are no televisions. All of the music is live and acoustic; there are no boom boxes. Hand saws are used instead of chainsaws, and slit trenches are dug for latrines instead of using porta-potties. Many don’t even use any nails to build the temporary structures set up Swiss Family Robinson-style.

Gatherers became aware that Garrett Bardin, the son of Sublette County Sheriff Wayne Bardin was missing when people on All-Terrain-Vehicles (“ATVs”) drove into and throughout the camp searching for him. The people on ATVs continue to drive through camp daily, and although the presence of the motorized vehicles in camp is startling to some gatherers, they understand, are also worried about Garrett, are on the look-out and are sending prayers to him and his family that he be found and that everything is alright.

Travel advisory for getting to and around camp:  most of the Gathering is a hike from the parking lot.  To get there you will need to park and then walk about 1-3 miles, so be prepared with good shoes, water bottle, and bring a reusable plate to enjoy a free meal!
You will find there are many gatherers who love interacting with the media and will gladly be filmed.  But in respect for people’s freedom of religious expression, it is requested that anyone taking photographs or film images ask permission from each individual to be included in the shot.  On July Fourth, silence is observed from dawn until noon.  During this time, it is requested that any cameras used before noon only take long distance group shots so everyone feels comfortable.  Please respect this moment of silent prayer and meditation for world peace, and refrain from requesting or acquiring any close-up shots or interviews.

From Rock Springs, Wyoming take US-191 north to WY-353 (near Boulder, Wyoming). From Boulder, WY — Take Wy-353 to the end of pavement where it turns into County Road 118 and you’ll see a sign that says “Farson 39, Boulder 28”. Stay on CR118 towards Farson — after about 10 miles you’ll come to a junction with CR132 with a sign pointing LEFT to “Big Sandy Campground 15 mi.” — TURN LEFT on CR132 (East) and take this for about 7 miles until you see another sign pointing LEFT to “DUTCH JOE G.S. 3 mi” — Take this LEFT about 2 miles to the Front Gate of the Gathering. Pull into the designated Media Check-In Parking Area and check in. Media is welcome to be escorted through the camp.  Tours begin at 12:00 pm daily from the Media Check-In area.

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